Our Journey

As a father-son duo, we launched "Imperial Ancient" to both cement our relationship and realize our collective ambition. Crafting this business side by side, we transformed our dream into a tangible success, a journey that reached a pinnacle with our proud appearance live on CTV. This adventure not only highlighted our collaboration but also vividly brought our shared vision to life.

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Hair and Beard Oil For You

Imperial Ancient Beard and Hair Oil is crafted with high-end, certified ingredients, offering luxurious scents without compromising quality. Our journey began with a desire to create a unique product that exceeds expectations. Today, we take pride in providing premium care at an affordable price, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. It’s our story, woven into every drop, making your hair care routine exceptional.

Imperial Ancient Hair and Beard Oil: Key Benefits

  1. Luxurious Scent: Experience the allure of a high-end designer fragrance, unique to Imperial Ancient, elevating your beard and hair care routine to a luxurious ritual.
  2. Exclusive Organic Quality: Proudly boasting organic certification from Canada, this beard and hair oil uses only the finest ingredients for your peace of mind and wellness.
  3. Nutrient-Rich Blend: Featuring a potent mix of organic argan and jojoba oils, along with six other premium oils, it's designed to nourish, strengthen, and revitalize both hair and beard.
  4. Light and Non-Greasy: Crafted with lightweight oils, it ensures your beard and hair remains soft and conditioned without any greasy residue, for a clean, polished appearance.
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Coconut-Soy Candle For You

Illuminate your home with Imperial Ancient's Coconut-Soy Candles—70 hours of chemical-free, skin-safe fragrance. Enjoy the cozy crackle of wood and select high-end scents, safe for kids and pets. Pure luxury, pure comfort to your home.

Luxury Soy-Coconut Wax Candles: Key Benefits

  1. Superior Wax Blend: Indulge in the premium combination of soy and coconut wax, designed for a cleaner, more sustainable burn that enhances any space.
  2. Skin-Safe Fragrance: Immerse yourself in exquisite scents formulated for perfumery, guaranteed to be safe for skin, ensuring a delightful aroma without the worry.
  3. Extended Burn Time: With approximately 70 hours of burn time, these candles offer long-lasting ambiance, making every moment special.
  4. Safe for Everyone: Enjoy peace of mind with low-smoke, non-toxic candles that are safe for children and pets, creating a worry-free environment in your home.
  5. Ambient Sound Wick: The unique crackling fireplace sound wick adds an extra layer of coziness, turning your home into a serene retreat with the comforting sound of a crackling fire.

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Luxury Car Perfume For You

Elevate your journey with Imperial Ancient's Car Perfume—a fusion of high-end scents found only in luxury fragrances. Crafted with safe perfumer's alcohol, it’s sophistication in every breath, exclusively for your drive.

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Luxury Car Perfume: Enhanced Features

  1. Perfumer-Grade Alcohol for Safety: Crafted with high-quality alcohol that's safe for interior surfaces, ensuring your vehicle's comfort and elegance without compromise.
  2. Exclusive Designer Fragrances: Our car perfume collection is inspired by the world's leading luxury designers, offering unique scents that set your vehicle apart, enveloping it in an aura of sophistication that rivals high-end perfumes.
  3. Unmatched Scent Selection: Beyond the common air fresheners, we present unparalleled fragrance profiles that elevate your driving experience. Enjoy sophisticated notes designed to blend seamlessly with your car’s interior, offering a truly high-end perfume experience not founding other car products.
  4. Signature Aromas for Discerning Drivers: Tailored for those who appreciate the finer things, our perfumes capture the essence of luxury and distinction. Each scent is meticulously selected to ensure your vehicle stands out, symbolizing opulence with every journey.
  5. Safe and Luxurious Experience: With a focus on luxury and safety, our car perfumes offer a lavish yet secure ambiance. Transform your car into a haven of high-end scents inspired by esteemed designers, enhancing every drive with a touch of elegance.

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Beard Balm For You

Embark on a grooming journey with Imperial Ancient's Beard Balms, meticulously crafted to rejuvenate and stylize your beard. Our balms, enriched with natural oils like Jojoba and Argan, alongside butters such as Shea and Cocoa, offer daily nourishment, combating dryness and itchiness. With unique scent profiles they promise a refreshing experience while ensuring your beard remains soft, hydrated, and impeccably styled. Discover the art of superior beard care with us.

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