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Tobacco Vanilla Diffuser Reeds

Tobacco Vanilla Diffuser Reeds

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Infused with Opulent Tobacco Leaf - Creamy Tonka beans and Vanilla in its finest form

Introducing our premium diffuser reeds, designed to infuse your living spaces with exquisite, high-end scents. Each set comes with carefully selected reeds that are engineered to optimally diffuse luxury fragrances throughout your area, ensuring a consistently delightful aroma that enhances your home environment. Crafted with perfumery-grade alcohol, our diffuser blend is not only potent but also safe for families, including children and pets. The elegantly designed diffuser holds a perfectly sized 50 ml of this blend, adding a touch of sophistication while delivering a superior scent experience.


Fragrance Details

Top Notes: Aromatic notes, Spices

Heart Notes: Tobacco, Tobacco leaf, Tobacco blossom, Tonka bean

Base Notes: Wood juice, Cocoa, Dry fruits, Vanilla


 SIZE : 50 ML


For optimal performance, we recommend using seven reed sticks. Simply insert them into the diffuser bottle, to start enjoying the captivating fragrance. To maintain the intensity and reach of the aroma, flip the reeds over once a week. For best results, place the diffuser in an open area where air circulation can help disseminate the scent, creating an inviting and luxurious atmosphere in your home. 




**Safety Note**: To ensure the well-being of your home and loved ones, always keep the diffuser away from heat sources to prevent fire hazards. Elevate your living spaces with our high-end diffuser reeds, where safety meets sophistication in every breath.

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