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Exotic Unisex Hair Oil

Exotic Unisex Hair Oil

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Introducing our Exotic Unisex Hair Oil, a lavish fusion of the finest ingredients, including organic Jojoba oil, certified organic Argan oil, Avocado oil, Apricot oil, Grapeseed oil, Sweet Almond oil, Saffron essential oil, and Raspberry essential oil.

Key Ingredients:
1.  Organic Jojoba Oil:  Intense hydration for a healthy scalp and luscious hair.
2. Certified Organic Argan Oil:  Repairs and revitalizes for irresistibly smooth locks.
3.  Avocado Oil: Vitamin-rich to strengthen and add a natural shine.
4.  Apricot Oil:  Conditions and softens, leaving a silky texture.
5.  Grapeseed Oil:  Lightweight, reduces frizz, and enhances manageability.
6.  Sweet Almond Oil: Hydrates and repairs damaged hair, promoting a smooth and lustrous finish.
7.  Saffron Essential Oil: Stimulates blood circulation, promoting a healthy scalp and preventing dandruff.
8.   Raspberry Essential Oil:  Adds a delightful fragrance while nourishing the hair.

Luxurious Scents:
Indulge in high-end, luxurious scents that set our Exotic Unisex Hair Oil apart. A unique blend that surpasses any standard hair oil fragrance, ensuring a truly distinctive and unforgettable experience. Plus, our formula is alcohol-free, ensuring a gentle touch on your hair and scalp.


  • Intensive Hydration:  Jojoba and Argan oils deeply moisturize for silky, revitalized hair.
  • Strengthens and Repairs: Certified organic Argan oil fortifies, reducing breakage and split ends.
  • Distinctive Fragrance:  Unmatched luxurious scents elevate your hair care routine.
  • Radiant Shine:  Jojoba oil enhances natural shine, for brilliantly radiant hair.
  • Frizz Control:  The perfect balance of oils tames frizz, ensuring manageable and sleek hair.

Non-Greasy Formula:
Experience the indulgence without the weight. Our Exotic Unisex Hair Oil features a light, non-greasy formula, leaving your hair nourished without any residue.

 How to Use: 
1.   Dispense a Few Drops:  Release a small amount of the Exotic Unisex Hair Oil onto your palms.
2.   Warm It Up:  Rub your palms together to gently warm the oil.
3.   Evenly Distribute:  Apply the oil evenly through damp or dry hair, focusing on mid-lengths to ends.
4.   Indulge in the Scent:  Revel in the opulent scents that linger, creating a unique and memorable experience.
5.   Style with Elegance:   Style your hair as desired, enjoying the enhanced texture and shine.

Elevate your hair care routine with the Exotic Unisex Hair Oil – a blend of organic Jojoba and certified organic Argan oils, complemented by unique and luxurious scents. Our alcohol-free formula and non-greasy texture ensure a delightful, weightless experience for your hair. Immerse yourself in the opulence, and let the distinctive fragrance leave a lasting impression.

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